Episode 17: The Big Question - What is the One Thing You Really Want to Do?

“What is the one thing YOU really want to do?”  Have you asked this question of yourself lately?  Embedded in your answer may be arrows pointing toward your purpose, calling and deep levels of satisfaction.

In today’s podcast, Life and Business coaches Andy Kerr and Bill Cox discuss how to answer this question with practical steps toward discovering your own unique purpose and calling.  They will describe their answers to this question while giving you tools to keep your courage strong, motivation high and drive to living out your purpose white hot.

Life is full of choices.  There are many good things that we can do each and every day.  However, living your best life starts with knowing the answer to this question: “What is the one thing YOU really want to do?”  Will you stop to ask this question of yourself today and discover the deep meaning that comes from doing so?

Show notes:    



“You need to anchor your want into your larger ‘Why’” - Bill Cox

“At the end of the day, we do what we’re motivated to do.”  - Bill Cox

“Own the reality of where you are” - Andy Kerr