Episode 16: The Essence of Leadership - Executing a Vision

What is your plan to succeed in the execution of your vision?  Execution takes the focus and discipline of a true leader. Many leaders, however, struggle to put this third and final component of the work of leaders into practice.  Directly after “crafting a vision” and “building alignment,” this third part of the “work of leaders” has it’s unique set of challenges and opportunities.

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In today’s podcast, Life and Business coaches Andy Kerr and Bill Cox break down the specifics of executing a vision with hosts Jessica and David Lewis.  They will describe the definition of execution, talk through ways to navigate potential challenges in execution, and even provide resources to assist you with the execution of your vision.  

Vision is a double edge sword.  It is both inspiring and overwhelming at times.  Don’t let the demands of executing you vision render your leadership anemic.  This third and critical step in the “work of leaders” needs honed, invested into and planned for.  Take 30 minutes today and learn about “executing a vision.” It is the endpoint of your team’s or organization’s journey toward the preferred or imagined future.

Show notes:    


“The best ideas to solve problems often come from the people closest to the work” - Andy Kerr

“Our goals must be SMART: Specific, Motivational, Accountable, Realistic and have Timeline.” - Bill Cox

“We can’t execute the vision without a team in place.”  Dave Lewis