Episode 15: The Essence of Leadership - Building Alignment

At the core of leadership is the ability to influence people.  John Maxwell confirms this in saying, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”  Once the leader has done the hard work of crafting a vision, the next step is to use influence to carry out the vision. This is done through building alignment.  

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In today’s podcast, Life and Business coaches Andy Kerr and Bill Cox process the important topic of building alignment with host Jessica Lewis.  They will define alignment, talk about the importance of working together as a team, and conclude with a simple process you can use to build alignment within your team.  

An effective team is an aligned team.  Once the leader “gets the right people onto the bus,” it’s his or her job to align them together to carry out the vision.  Take twenty-five minutes today to discover the tools you need to make your team effective, healthier and more productive through alignment.

Show notes:    


“Alignment is trying to get to the preferred future together” - Andy Kerr

“State it simply, cast it convincingly, repeat it regularly, embrace it personally” - Andy Stanley

"People need to see themselves as part of the vision" - Bill Cox

"A lot of building alignment happens one conversation at a time" - Andy Kerr