Episode 13: The Essence of Leadership

With over 1.8 million books on leadership, how do you know where to start?  Out of the myriad of potential leadership resources, which one best fits your leadership style?  The world of leadership can feel overwhelming at times, especially as we seek to grow our influence and lead others while maintaining the whirlwind of life.  There IS a good place to start…and it starts with understanding yourself.

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In today’s podcast, Bill Cox (a Life and Business Coach) sits down with Jessica and David Lewis to talk about the true essence of leadership.  Together, they break leadership down into a simple formula that begins with a thorough understanding of you own leadership DNA.  After discovering who you are and how you’re uniquely wired, a simple 3-step leadership formula can be applied utilizing your unique DNA.  This formula includes: crafting a vision, building alignment and executing that vision.

Whether you are CEO, a teacher, a middle level manager, a student or a parent…you have been given leadership influence and opportunity use that influence.  To use that influence well, you must stretch and grow your “leadership muscle.”  Today’s podcast will give you foundational tools to stretch, grow and to skillfully lead in your natural leadership strengths.

Show notes:    

  • Bill Cox of www.billcoxcoaching.com

  • What is the work leaders do

  • The hunger people have to lead well

  • The importance of self assessment

  • Bill mentions John Maxwell’s “21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader” as a self-assessment tool

  • Leadership as a muscle

  • “Everything DiSC - Work of Leaders” as an effective assessment tool for determining leadership style

  • “PXT Select” as an assessment tool that is effective for determining a good job fit

  • A discussion on crafting a vision

  • Bill mentions the “Work of Leaders” book (https://www.amazon.com/Work-Leaders-Vision-Alignment-Execution/dp/1118636538)

  • A discussion on building alignment

  • A discussion on executing that vision

  • How vision applies to every arena of life

  • “Leading up” as a way to influence others


“Overwhelmed creates paralyzation” - Bill Cox

“One of the key parts of the process in coaching is expanding the territory of people’s self awareness” - Bill Cox

“Leadership is a muscle we all have…and it requires exercise to stretch and grow that muscle” - Dave Lewis

“Everyone is a visionary because our minds are designed to think in images” - Bill Cox

“Without a clear vision, no one on your team will have a clear idea where they are going.” - Dave Lewis