Episode 14: The Essence of Leadership - Crafting a Vision

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The old proverb states, “Without vision the people perish.”  And, it’s still true! Without vision, businesses, organizations, and lives have the tendency to sag into a slow death of complacency.  On the contrary…vision directs, aligns and draws people in to a better way of life. And, this all begins in the mind of a visionary.

In today’s podcast, Life and Business coach - Bill Cox, sits down with Jessica Lewis and David Lewis to talk about the importance of “Crafting a Vision.”  They will explore the dimensions of a vision, why you need vision, and how to craft a vision that will set both your life and business on a trajectory of achievement and satisfaction.  

You were born a visionary.  Your mind was created to think in pictures, images or visions. Are you functioning as a visionary and using your vision to motivate you into positive change?  Take 20 minutes and learn how to craft a vision today!

Show notes:    

  • Bill Cox of www.billcoxcoaching.com

  • What is vision?

  • A discussion on personal vision

  • A discussion on corporate vision

  • The difference between “your dream” and “your vision”

  • Why we need a vision

  • Bill mentions Benjamin Hardy’s book “Willpower doesn’t work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success” (https://www.amazon.com/Willpower-Doesnt-Work-Discover-Success-ebook/dp/B073P421QC)

  • How do you craft a vision


“Vision is a condition that is imagined, a future state, in which the organization or team creates something of unquestionable value, serves customers in an unparalleled fashion or reinvents the way it does business.” - Bill Cox

“A vision is a dream with legs” - Bill Cox

“It takes someone with real vision to make real change” - Dave Lewis

“Vision expands assumptions about what can be done” - Bill Cox

“We were designed to need a purpose and a vision” - Jessica Lewis 

“What’s your life going to look like five years from now if nothing changes?” - Bill Cox