Episode 11: Live 2 Lead Erie - Highlights from the event and a conference recap

Each of us live with different pain points.  There are challenges we face, obstacles we have to overcome and ultimately learnings we can gain from these challenges and struggles that come up against us.  

One Step Forward Success (4).png

Have you ever thought of a conference as a tool to help convert these pain points into points of self-discovery, growth and learning?  Attending a conference may be the catalyst you are looking for to take one step forward in your development as a leader.

In today’s podcast, life and business coaches, Andy Kerr and Bill Cox will share their highlights from a conference they recently staged in Erie, Pennsylvania…Live2Lead Erie.  They will discuss talks from Dr. John C. Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Cheryl Bachelder, Warrick Dunn as well as a panel of local leadership experts from this region.  They will also articulate why attending a conference is essential to your growth as a leader.  

Show notes:    


“Everyone wins when a leader gets better” - Bill Hybels

“Being unclear is being unkind” - Dave Ramsey

“Organizations are never limited by their opportunity, they are limited by their leader” - Dave Ramsey

“People will rise to the level of belief we place in them” - Bill Cox