Episode 12: Leadership Tips: Waking Up Ready to be Productive - Part II

As your alarm went off this morning, how did you feel?  What were your first thoughts as you stepped out of bed?  Our first thoughts and activities of the day hold tremendous power that can be leveraged for productivity if we choose to use them wisely.  Do you know how to leverage your first thoughts and activities of the day?

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Today’s podcast is part-two in a series called, “Waking up Ready to be Productive.”  We’ll hear from life and business coaches Andy Kerr and Bill Cox as they talk about tips and tricks for scheduling, planning and for becoming more productive by leveraging those first waking moments of the day; setting up a chain reaction of productivity all throughout the work day.  

Be prepared to take good notes as we’ll talk about a number of resources that you can take advantage of today...so that tomorrow you’ll be well positioned to “Wake up ready to be productive!”

Show notes:    


“Only do what you can do” - Andy Stanley

“Life isn’t pass/fail, life is learn and grow” - Bill Cox

“Prioritize your to-do list” - Warren Buffet

“Productivity is doing the kinds of things that make the biggest difference in your life by identifying what’s most important and aligning your life behind it.” - Bill Cox  

“Your ability to say no will be a direct reflection of the clarity of what’s most important” - Bill Cox

"Make a to-don't list" - Andy Kerr