Episode 10: Leadership Tips - Waking Up Ready To Be Productive

What if you woke up each morning ready to maximize your time, and excited for what was before you? This is possible, and it may be closer than you think.  

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For many of us, waking up can be difficult.  We can understand this because statistically speaking, 87.7% of the modern work-force does not like what they have to wake up to go do (Deloitte Insights Statistic).  What if your purpose (and reason for waking up) pointed to a deeper level of significance?  Wouldn’t waking up be much, much easier?!

Today, in part one of a two-part podcast, life and business coaches Andy Kerr and Bill Cox will explore the thought of “waking up ready to be productive”.  They will share their individual purposes for waking up, and challenge you to examine your unique purpose.  This will lay the foundation for next week’s podcast which will continue providing you with steps to take toward waking up ready to be productive.

Show notes:    


“If you want to help fix a problem, you have to step into it.” - Andy Kerr

“Our highest need is the need to live for a purpose beyond ourselves.” - Bill Cox

“I exist to inspire great people to discover and realize the life they were meant to live.” - Bill Cox

“It’s about progress not perfection.” - Andy Kerr