Episode 9: Leadership Tips - Why Conference Attendance Is A Must

Is there really an advantage to attending a conference?  Should you spend the money, take the time away from work and family, and spend a day away from standard rhythms of life?  

We believe the answer is YES, a resounding yes!  Here’s why…

In today’s podcast, life and business coaches Andy Kerr and Bill Cox will talk about their experiences attending conferences, while also sharing the reasons behind their strong belief in the power of a conference to catalyze your growth.  They will provide you with the encouragement you need to prioritize attending a conference.

At the end of today’s podcast, you will have a complete set of reasons why attending a conference is MUST…as well as a list of things to consider before booking and attending a conference.

Show notes:    



“Learning happens best in conjunction with other people in a shared learning experience” - Andy Kerr

“Conferences are catalytic as they inspire and spark change in your life.” - Bill Cox

“Brutal honesty brings clarity to reality” - Andy Kerr