Episode 2: Getting Unstuck - Stories Of How We Move Forward

Research indicates that 80% of the modern work-force does not like what they do for a living.  

This staggering statistic translates into 80% of people feeling stuck in a job they don’t like going to!  Odds are, you understand this statistic first hand.  

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For an overwhelming majority of people, work is life-sucking rather than life-giving.

  • What if this were flipped upside down?
  • What if your job actually brought you deep satisfaction?
  • What if waking up each morning for work brought you a sense of purpose and offered a means to express your gifts, talents and passions?
  • Wouldn’t this be worth getting up for each morning with a feeling of excitement and wonderment?  

This life is possible…and it is closer than you can imagine.

Today’s episode features life and business coaches, Andy Kerr and Bill Cox. Andy and Bill share their stories of first being a part of the 80% and then breaking through to the other side. Because of their experience on both sides of this statistic, they’ve given their lives to help people, just like you, find deep meaning, purpose and expression of their God-given talents, gifts and passions through coaching.  

In this episode, we’ll hear the impact of coaching on both Andy and Bill. We’ll come to understand what led both gentlemen to eventually become life and business coaches after experiencing their own life-transformational coaching. Finally, we’ll hear about some next steps you can take towards being in the 20% of people who love their job, rather than being a part of the 80% who do not like what they do.  

Show notes:

  • Andy Kerr of http://www.andykerrcoaching.com and his journey to become unstuck

  • Bill Cox of http://www.billcoxcoaching.com shares his journey toward coaching

  • Coaching can save you thousands of dollars in making the wrong decision

  • The role of a coach in a client’s life

  • What is your one and only life to be about?

  • Coaching as a process and pathway to discover what your life is to be about

  • Bill mentions the book “Smarter, Better Faster” by Charles Duhigg

  • What a coaching session looks like

  • Who sets the coaching agenda?

  • What is one step forward you can take today?




“Stuck Stinks” - Paul Martinelli

“One powerful line of questioning can change your life” - Andy Kerr

“Getting unstuck requires having a person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself” - Bill Cox

“Your past doesn’t need to define your future” - Andy Kerr

“Your best and most limited resource is your time” - Jess Lewis

“Coaching is one step forward at a time” - Bill Cox

“In coaching, you become increasingly self aware” - Bill Cox

“The more we know ourselves, the more intentional we can life” - Andy Kerr