Episode 7: Leadership Part 1 Law of the Lid - How To Become A R.E.A.L. Success

What is Leadership? In other words, what impact are you having in someone's life?

Leadership is influence. Influence is leadership.

Today we talk about the "L" in R.E.A.L. Success. The information on leadership was too much that we decided to split the conversation about leadership into two parts.

Leadership Lift Your Lid

In this podcast, we talk about the concept of "lifting your lid" or increasing your influence. The first thing you need to do is: define reality. You have to know where you are first, before you can take the next steps.

Andy discusses the myths of leadership and Bill touches on the 7 factors that define leaders.

We encourage you to become more self-aware by rating yourself on the 21 qualities of a leader. This is John Maxwell's "21 Indispensable Qualities for Leadership." Bill goes into more detail in the podcast, listing the 21 qualities:

21 Indispensable Qualities for Leadership


Here is an exercise for you to better understand where you are; it points out which areas are your strengths and which areas you need to improve. Do this yourself, and then ask three trusted friends out to lunch, and have them fill it out for you. The feedback you get could lead to life-changing results!