Episode 17: The Big Question - What is the One Thing You Really Want to Do?

“What is the one thing YOU really want to do?”  Have you asked this question of yourself lately?  Embedded in your answer may be arrows pointing toward your purpose, calling and deep levels of satisfaction.

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Episode 16: The Essence of Leadership - Executing a Vision

What is your plan to succeed in the execution of your vision?  Execution takes the focus and discipline of a true leader. Many leaders, however, struggle to put this third and final component of the work of leaders into practice.  Directly after “crafting a vision” and “building alignment,” this third part of the “work of leaders” has it’s unique set of challenges and opportunities.

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Episode 15: The Essence of Leadership - Building Alignment

At the core of leadership is the ability to influence people.  John Maxwell confirms this in saying, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”  Once the leader has done the hard work of crafting a vision, the next step is to use influence to carry out the vision. This is done through building alignment.  

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Episode 14: The Essence of Leadership - Crafting a Vision

The old proverb states, “Without vision the people perish.”  And, it’s still true! Without vision, businesses, organizations, and lives have the tendency to sag into a slow death of complacency.  On the contrary…vision directs, aligns and draws people in to a better way of life. And, this all begins in the mind of a visionary.

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Episode 13: The Essence of Leadership

With over 1.8 million books on leadership, how do you know where do you start?  Out of the myriad of potential leadership resources, which one best fits your leadership style?  The world of leadership can feel overwhelming at times, especially as we seek to grow our influence and lead others while maintaining the whirlwind of life.  There IS a good place to start…and it starts with understanding yourself.

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Episode 12: Leadership Tips: Waking Up Ready to be Productive - Part II

As your alarm went off this morning, how did you feel?  What were your first thoughts as you stepped out of bed?  Our first thoughts and activities of the day hold tremendous power that can be leveraged for productivity if we choose to use them wisely.  Do you know how to leverage your first thoughts and activities of the day?

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Episode 11: Live 2 Lead Erie - Highlights from the event and a conference recap

Each of us live with different pain points.  There are challenges we face, obstacles we have to overcome and ultimately learnings we can gain from these challenges and struggles that come up against us.  

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Episode 10: Leadership Tips - Waking Up Ready To Be Productive

For many of us, waking up can be difficult.  We can understand this because statistically speaking, 87.7% of the modern work-force does not like what they have to wake up to go do (Deloitte Insights Statistic).  What if your purpose (and reason for waking up) pointed to a deeper level of significance?  Wouldn’t waking up be much, much easier?!

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Episode 9: Leadership Tips - Why Conference Attendance Is A Must

Is there really an advantage to attending a conference?  Should you spend the money, take the time away from work and family, and spend a day away from standard rhythms of life?  We believe the answer is YES, a resounding yes!  Here’s why…

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Episode 8: Leadership Part 2 Law of Process - R.E.A.L. Success

In today’s podcast, life and business coaches Andy Kerr and Bill Cox will further explore what it means to become a R.E.A.L. success through examining the “law of process.”  The “law of process” is a practical-action plan aimed at growing you into your full potential through a series of small, incremental steps which compound over time.

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Episode 7: Leadership Part 1 Law of the Lid - How To Become A R.E.A.L. Success

In this podcast, we talk about the concept of "lifting your lid" or increasing your influence. The first thing you need to do is: define reality. You have to know where you are first, before you can take the next steps.

Andy discusses the myths of leadership and Bill touches on the 7 factors that define leaders.

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Episode 5: Equipping Your Team - How To Become A R.E.A.L. Success

Do you look at the members of your team through a “ME” or a “WE” lens?  

As a leader, do you focus on getting your team to accomplish your personal goals?  Or, is your aim to grow the team underneath you into their full potential?  

These types of questions can drastically shift your leadership perspective and yield exponential results as you seek to grow and develop the team you lead.  

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Episode 4: Relationships - How To Become A R.E.A.L. Success

Relationships can be difficult, can’t they?  

Just think about the last conversation you had with a trying boss, a troublesome co-worker or maybe even your Mother-in-law… How did the conversation go and what happened to your relationship as a result?

Last week, we began a great discussion aiming to answer the question, “What is success?” We determined that true success is found in the four principles described in the R.E.A.L. acrostic. Today, we’ll begin exploring our definition of being a R.E.A.L. success by talking about the first principle…relationships.  

Life and business coaches, Andy Kerr and Bill Cox will talk about why relationships are important and name some techniques you can use to build great relationships. These real-life, applicable principles are tools that you can use TODAY to become a R.E.A.L. success!  

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Episode 3: How To Become A R.E.A.L. Sucess

What is success?  Who do you look up to as being successful?  Do you see yourself as being a success?  

Your answer to these questions can help determine the drive and trajectory of your life.  Are you working toward the correct definition of success in your life, work and relationships…or do you need to know where to start?   

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Episode 2: Getting Unstuck - Stories Of How We Move Forward

Research indicates that 80% of the modern work-force does not like what they do for a living.  

This staggering statistic translates into 80% of people feeling stuck in a job they don’t like going to!  Odds are, you understand this statistic first hand.

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Episode 1: How Coaching Transforms Your Life and Business

Do you need to regain traction business or career?  Are your wheels spinning as you try to navigate decisions and goals to move forward in life?  Are your relationships or finances not what you’ve hoped they would be?  

There is hope.  You can become unstuck.  Today, maybe your ONE STEP FORWARD comes through the rapidly growing industry of coaching.

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